Las Vegas Spiders: Most Dangerous

You shudder when you see those cobwebby, eight-legged Halloween decorations. You frequently make your significant other squash little black intruders in your home. You couldn’t even bring yourself to watch Arachnophobia.

Sounds to us like you don’t like Las Vegas spiders. Well, we can’t really blame you there. Unfortunately, if you’re living in Las Vegas, spiders aren’t just an icky nuisance – they can very literally be a pain in the rear! That’s because our little desert happens to be home to a few venomous arachnids that can ruin your night in one quick bite. So if you’ve seen any of these three culprits around, it’s time to give us a call!

Black Widow

One of the most common Las Vegas spiders, you’ll know when you get bit by one of these sleek black arachnids with the red hour-glass shaped marking.  Symptoms of a black widow bite can range from mild to severe, causing clammy skin, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and even unconsciousness. If you think you’ve been bitten by a black widow, immediately seek medical attention.

Camel Spider

Las Vegas Camel Spider

You may not be as familiar with the camel spider, but these little rascals share the Las Vegas valley. While not venomous, these critters have large jaws and are capable of some pretty good bites. They are camel-colored, with striped markings and appear vaguely like a scorpion. A camel spider bite can cause a “ragged wound” that is easily infected. If you suspect a bite or are experiencing infection, see a doctor for the appropriate antibiotics.

Brown Recluse

Las Vegas Brown Recluse Spider

These guys aren’t the type of recluse you want in your house. Light-brown colored with long, straight legs, these Las Vegas spiders rarely bite unless they feel threatened. However, when they do strike, you’ll likely feel some burning, itching or other pain. Some bite victims will experience fever, nausea, and even muscle aches. If you show signs of infection, get to your doctor.

Ready to be rid of these Las Vegas cohabiters? contact us right away at (702) 248-PEST (7378)! and we’ll make sure your house won’t double as the set for Arachnophobia 2.


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