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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management Programs are designed to prevent pest infestations and eliminate any pest problems using the least amount of pesticide possible and utilizing the least hazardous products available.

Every site experiences unwanted "visitors". As the seasons change, insects and rodents take shelter in and around your property. Protect yourself and your property with a comprehensive pest management program that not only treats existing problems, but also prevents them from coming back with prompt regularly scheduled service visits. We employ an on staff entomologist! Where applicable, JS Pest Control utilizes state of the art detail monitoring & scanning accountability systems for properties of all sizes. This information is quickly and easily accessible to the client via our website or by our staff.

When our environment experiences changes and new vermin become unwanted pests, we are here poised to respond and offer state of the art solutions to address our ever changing "Insect World." Our most recent enemies are Bed Bugs, Stink Bugs and Ladybugs. JS Pest Control will be by your side keeping your site PEST FREE, allowing you to enjoy a safer healthier environment.

The backbone of an IPM Program is to target those areas most prone to pest infestations and install a monitoring program consisting of insect and rodent traps of various kinds.

In addition, recommendations would be made on sanitation and maintenance improvements that can be made in order to deter future infestations of insects and rodents.

In commercial buildings, areas typically included in an IPM monitoring and inspection program would be:

  • Loading Docks and entrance doors
  • Dumpster areas
  • Kitchen and food storage areas, food preparation areas and cafeteria
  • Dining, lounge and/or coffee areas on each floor
  • Bathrooms
  • Custodial, electrical, HVAC and storage closets

Depending on our inspection of the facility other areas may be included as well.

A logbook would be placed in the facility that would include places for building staff to record pest sightings, labels and MSD sheets for materials that might be used, and forms for our technicians to report on the work done at the facility.

During our weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly visits we inspect our pest monitors for pest activity and inspect all areas where pests might be found.

If insects or rodents are found the following steps would be taken:

  • Identify the insect or rodent
  • Inspect to find the source and advise facilities staff of any sanitation and/or maintenance steps that should be taken to prevent infestation
  • For insects which will nest inside the building such as roaches or ants we would utilize baits placed in cracks and crevices where the insects are emerging from and tamper proof bait stations
  • For mice or rats: snaptraps, glueboards and mechanical traps will be utilized as well as rodenticide placed in tamper proof bait stations only
  • For insects which nest on the outdoors such as centipedes, crickets, etc. glueboards and traps will be used
  • Bees/wasps/yellowjackets/hornets: treatment would be performed both inside and outside as necessary

The products we would utilize for this program include:

  • Insect glue monitors
  • Rodent snaptraps
  • Rodenticide in tamper proof bait stations
  • Boric acid and pyrethrum based insecticides
  • Pheromone traps for pantry pests and fabric pests
  • Rodent glueboards
  • Rodent mechanical traps
  • Cockroach & ant baits in cracks and crevices and/or in tamper proof bait stations
  • Insect light traps

Part of our IPM Program is to work with building staff to prevent infestations. Our logbook includes a report in which we provide recommendations such as:

  • Proper storage of goods
  • Caulking holes where pests might enter
  • Eliminating moisture problems which attract pests
  • Cutting back vegetation on the outside of the building

The cost for an IPM program would be based on our inspection, and the needs and budget of the facility. IPM programs do not have to be costly. And as always, our service agreement includes emergency service in between scheduled visits at no additional charge.

Please contact us if you would like a free inspection and proposal for your facility.

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