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JS Pest Control Carpenter Bee Control

Serving the Entire Las Vegas Metro Area, Including Henderson, Summerlin and Boulder City

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JS Pest Control Carpenter Bee Control

Serving the Entire Las Vegas Metro Area, Including Henderson, Summerlin and Boulder City


Signs of Carpenter Bees

  • Leave a hole in wood approximately ½ in in diameter
  • Sawdust around entrance to the nest
  • May have several little nests near each other
  • Rarely sting and generally live alone
  • May come back to the same spot year after year
  • Could leave yellow-brown stains near the hole
carpenter bee and round hole it created

Why Treat For Carpenter Bees

While not dangerous to humans, carpenter bees can be detrimental to the aesthetic of your home. Since they burrow holes in unfinished or weathered wood, you could have holes in the siding, soffits, overhangs, decks, fence posts, fascia boards and window frames of your home. They can cause minor damage at first, however if they return year after year this could cause greater damage in the future. They can create a yellow-brownish stain with their feces near the nest site. Also, since they create small nests, you could find several nests in the same area. Call JS Pest Control today for carpenter bee extermination.

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Why Choose JS Pest Control For Carpenter Bee Extermination?

  • Will fill in holes left by carpenter bees

  • Will dust holes with treatment materials

  • Provide free inspection and quote prior to performing treatment

  • Provide customized treatment plan tailored to address your specific pest problem

  • Residential and commercial properties

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Why Choose Us?

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