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JS Pest Control Scorpion Control

Serving the Entire
Las Vegas Metro Area, Including Henderson, Summerlin and Boulder City

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JS Pest Control Scorpion Control

Serving the Entire Las Vegas Metro Area, Including Henderson, Summerlin and Boulder City


Call JS Pest Control For Scorpion Control and Prevention

Bark Scorpion

JS Pest Control is the local expert in scorpion elimination. One of our highly trained technicians will inspect areas around your home where scorpions may hide, such as wood piles or landscape rocks, and any potential entryways into your home. We will also inspect areas inside your home where scorpions are known to hide, including crawl spaces, attics, and wall voids. If scorpions have already been found in your home, JS Pest Control uses special products that penetrate the hard exoskeleton of scorpions. One of the best forms of scorpion prevention is to remove their food source, which includes other pests and insects.

How to Know If You Have Scorpions:

Scorpions are venomous predators. They have 8 legs, two claws/pincers and a curved tail tipped with a stinger. Scorpions use the pincers to hold prey and their stinger to inject venom into their victims. Scorpions have a hard exoskeleton, similar to shrimp. Scorpions can be ½ inch to 9 in. long. Scorpions live in warm climates, hiding during the day under rocks or logs. They appear at night to find water and food. Their search for water and cool, dark spaces leads them to attics, crawl spaces, wall voids, bathrooms and closets. Scorpions glow in the dark and can be spotted using UV black lights.

Bark Scorpion stinger tail raised

Bark Scorpions

Bark scorpions are not native to Las Vegas and one of a few types of scorpions whose venom is dangerous to humans. It's bite is painful and many times worse than a bee sting. Though it's bite rarely causes death, it can in the very young, old and infirmed. Bark scorpions are smaller than most scorpions (1-2 inches long). The pincers are long and thin and its color may vary from light tan to a darker golden brown. It is the only scorpion that curls its tail to the side when at rest.

Bark scorpions like to climb on and hide under the bark of trees. They are nighttime feeders found most commonly near irrigated areas, pools, in palm trees, wooden fences and on the walls in homes. Bark Scorpions can climb walls and walk across ceilings. They can show up in bathtubs, sinks and beds having fallen from the ceiling. They are active when nighttime temperatures are above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. They are less active during the hottest part of the summer and are inactive during the winter when it is cold.

Scorpions move into yards to feed on insects attracted to lights and moisture associated with human habitation. Scorpions hide during the day and can be found around and under rocks, bark, wood piles and other debris. Extensive use of landscape rock can create excellent scorpion harborages and are important areas to inspect. It is important to remove or treat these harborages in order to reduce the scorpion population.

Bark Scorpion

Giant Desert Hair Scorpions

These large scorpions are native to Las Vegas. They live underground and come up at night to forage for prey. These scorpions bite but their venom does not have potency of a bark scorpion. The bite is approximate to the bite of a bee or wasp. The bite can be fatal if there is an allergy to the venom.

Giant Desert Hair Scorpion

Wind Scorpions

Wind Scorpions (Solifugae) are in the order of Arachnida, known as camel spiders, wind scorpions, sun spiders or solifugae. They may grow to a length of 12in. including legs. Most species live in the desert and feed opportunistically on ground-dwelling arthropods and other animals. Although Solifugae appear to have ten legs, they actually have only eight, as other arachnids do. The first pair of appendages do not quite touch the ground but are held out to detect obstacles and prey. But in that motion, they look like an extra pair of legs.

Solifugae are the subject of many urban legends and exaggeration about their size, speed, behavior, appetite, and lethality. They are fast on land compared to other invertebrates. However they have no venom and do not spin webs. The greatest threat they pose to humans is their defense bite when handled. There is essentially no chance of death directly caused by the bite; however, due to the strong muscles of their pincers, they can produce a large, ragged wound that is prone to infection.

Wind Scorpion

How We Treat:

  • Conduct an inspection of your property inside & out

  • Make recommendations for ‘scorpion-proofing’ your property

  • Perform exclusionary work to seal scorpion entryways

  • Treat with products formulated specifically for scorpions

  • Offer services plans to eliminate pests that scorpions feed on

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Reasons To Treat:

Eliminating scorpions can prevent injury to your family and pets. Scorpions are venomous, although stings are rarely fatal, except to someone severely allergic to the venom. Scorpion stings produce pain, numbness, and swelling, affecting children, elderly, and pets the most.

Scorpions hide outside in wood and rock piles kept near home foundations. Scorpions are able to enter homes through very small openings, so it is important to hire a professional who can inspect, identify, and seal entry points, and treat your home’s exterior.

Once inside, scorpions are hard to find and remove. Scorpions hide in cool, dark spaces, and climb curtains, bedding, and clothing. Also, scorpions can give birth to 20+ offspring at a time. Scorpion’s hard exoskeletons make them difficult to eliminate, and professional products should be used on these pests.


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