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JS Bird Control & Removal Services

Commercial & Residential Bird Removal

Serving The Entire Las Vegas Metro Area

Call JS Pest Control to eliminate your bird problem quickly and humanely. Let us develop a customized treatment program for you using multiple bird repelling techniques.

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are general feeders with the ability to nest in a variety of circumstances. This allows them to successfully set-up and breed in many types of locations. This makes pigeons particularly bothersome. They carry disease and their acidic feces can destroy most surfaces.

Pigeons have become such a nuisance in the area that the City of Las Vegas officially made it illegal to feed them in 2018 - with a penalty of a $1000 fine and up to 6 months behind bars.  Why was such a law implemented?  Well, when people feed pigeons, more pigeons show up expecting food as well, creating a flock.   That flock doesn't necessarily leave when the food source disappears either.   Instead they often reproduce, thus creating more waste and more issues. 

JS Pest Control 3 Step Process For Bird Removal

  1. We will remove all the birds and nests from your establishment.
  2. Set up a series of deterrents to prevent them from coming back
  3. Bird Dropping Removal, Cleaning & Disinfecting

We offer chemical baiting and non-chemical treatments. Chemical baiting is a method that distresses the flock. The flock will associate the distress with the location and the entire flock will flee leave that location. Call to learn more.

Pigeons and Solar Panels

If you have a solar panel system, pigeon nesting can cause a serious problem. Pigeons and other birds can nest near and underneath solar panels, causing damage that may not be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. Once the area has been cleaned and disinfected, mesh can be added that contours to the shape of the panel and is attached with special UV-stable plastic clips that do not scratch. This is a humane treatment that eliminates the potential space for birds to nest underneath your solar panel system and protects your property.

Proven Bird & Pigeon Deterrents include:

Bird Netting

A bird netting system is an economical bird control method that uses durable materials such as wire mesh, polyethylene and polyproylene. These UV protected materials are strong and long lasting to provide you with superior bird exclusion. Bird netting can be used to protect your structure from big birds and small birds such as pigeons, gulls, sparrows, crows and starlings. Bird netting is perfect for commercial and industrial areas with high bird activity such as rooftops, factories, tall buildings, courtyards, bridges and hangars.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are traditional bird deterrents used to keep birds from landing, nesting and roosting on flat and curved surfaces. They can be made using UV protected stainless steel and stabilized plastic, while specially designed not to injure the birds. Spikes can be installed on rooflines, gutters, girders, pipes, ledges, vents and more! Preventing birds from perching will protect your property in a low maintenance, non-harmful manner.

Call now and learn which bird control method is best for you.

Our Commitment

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  • Your technician will arrive in uniform at your home or business in a clearly marked vehicle.

  • Each pest elimination plan will be custom designed for you based on your property and needs. Your plan will account for:
    • Young children & babies
    • Pets - including dogs, cats, fish and reptiles
    • Current or expected pregnancies
    • The elderly or infirmed

  • Most importantly, if you are not completely satisfied with the way your pest problem was managed, we will continue to work with you until you are.

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When you call JS Pest Control, a technician will come to your home or business and perform a complete initial consultation at no charge.

Next, we will develop a pest elimination program designed for you by your technician and our team of in-house entomologists.

Be Confident that you will have the best solution for your individual problem. Call now and schedule your free initial consultation.