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Olive Tree Spraying

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Fruitless Olive Tree

While beautiful, olive trees also can cause a ton of problems for property owners. Olives eventually ripen and fall off the tree leaving your property full of the sticky oily fruit.   Not only does this create increase risks of falls, but it also creates a mess.   The fruit often stains driveways, patios and sidewalks, and the oils transferred to the soles of your shoes can create stains and mess inside you home as well.  If you have an Olive Tree on your property and you are tired of the mess these trees make. Call JS Pest Control.

We apply a safe and effective treatment to your olive trees so that next season it will not produce any fruit. Spraying the tree at just the right time
 with a growth regulator eliminates the pollen the tree normally produces allowing you to enjoy the tree in full bloom without having to deal with many, or any, olives.  Treatment is recommended during the first quarter of the year for maximum effectiveness, well before flowers begin blooming in the spring/early summer.

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