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JS Pest Control Bee, Wasp & Hornet Removal

Serving the Entire Las Vegas Metro Area, Including Henderson, Summerlin and Boulder City

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JS Pest Control Bee, Wasp & Hornet Removal

Serving the Entire Las Vegas Metro Area, Including Henderson, Summerlin and Boulder City


Signs of Killer Bees, Yellow Jackets, Wasps & Hornets

If you have a nest or hive on your property, call us immediately for removal. Although Killer Bees are more dangerous, all bees will defend their hive aggressively. Do not approach the hive, and call our 24/7 Emergency Bee hotline: 702-660-6644

Killer Bees

Africanized “killer” bees will aggressively defend their hive. They can be triggered by the sound of a lawn mower or a homeowner stumbling onto or even near a nest. These bees swarm more often but they are even more dangerous when they are defending their hive. If you see a nest or a large number of bees on your property, call JS Pest immediately.

Killer Bee


There are a few distinctive features of a wasp that can help you identify if you have a potential bee or wasp nest. A wasp is long, thin, and not fuzzy compared to the bee. The wasp is far more aggressive because it is easily provoked. It can sting multiple times and does not pollinate any flowers or plants. They are predators and can be found at barbeques or picnics. They like to live in the ground and inside homes by building their paper-like nests in eaves or attics. Examples of wasps include yellow-jackets and paper wasps. As they are more aggressive, we recommend giving us a call to investigate any possible nests in your home.

Wasp up close face and antennae

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp recognized by their yellow and black striped pattern. They are territorial and aggressive when provoked, known to sting a victim multiple times. The sting of a yellow jacket can be harmful to people, especially someone with bee sting allergies. Yellow jackets frequently nest in eaves and attics, but are also attracted to sweet smelling foods and perfumes. They are most active during the summer and early fall. Because of the dangers posed by stinging yellow jackets, their elimination is best handled by a pest control professional such as JS Pest Control.

Hive attached to house


Honeybees are the gentlest type of stinging insects. They are very important to our environment because of their ability to pollinate flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Also, they produce products like honey and beeswax which are used for many purposes such as medicine and cooking. They will die after they sting you once. Due to this, they are protected and need to be relocated by a local beekeeper for successful removal.

Honey bee on a flower

Bald Faced Hornets

Hornets are the most dangerous type of stinging insect and do not like to be disturbed. Unlike bees and wasps, they can release a hormone that alerts other hornets of danger. Hornets look a lot like a wasp but have a thicker waist, are generally browner with yellow markings, and are slightly larger than yellow jackets. They get their name from their mostly black color and white face. They live in aerial nests that resemble an inverted tear drop that is attached to a tree, bush utility pole, shed, an overhang or on the side of a building. Nests can start out the size of a softball early in the season but can grow to be the size of a watermelon or larger if left untreated. They will feed on live insects which can be beneficial to your garden. Hornets will not produce any honey and are not pollinators. Due to their aggressive nature, we highly recommend calling a professional from JS Pest Control to look at any potential hornets nest. If you have an allergy and are stung by a hornet, you run the risk of asphyxiation and possible death.

Bald-Faced Hornet on white background

Why We Treat

Any type of stinging insect can become a problem to a homeowner. We want our customers to be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without any uneasiness of being stung. Many bees, wasps, and hornets can sting multiple times and attack in large numbers. A colony will remain active for the entire summer, and then the queen will leave to start a new colony. The colony will become more aggressive towards the end of the summer as the colony has grown and they search for food. These stinging insects pose the greatest risk to adults and children who are severely allergic to them. This is the main reason we strongly suggest you give us a call at the first sign of a possible nest. Our technicians are trained to spot behaviors and characteristics of each type of bee, wasp, or hornet known to the Las Vegas area.

Why We Treat

How We Treat

One of our bee specialists will come to your home to perform a free inspection, fully equipped to eliminate your pest problem. We will identify the location of the nest, depending on the type of stinging insect problem you have, and eliminate the problems to protect your family’s health and safety. In the case of a hornets’ nest, the technician will treat the nest and return to remove it after ensuring that all the wasps have been killed.

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